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Frequently Asked Questions about Therapy Information Services, Inc.

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1.  How do I pay for a course?
    Payment is made through our secure server on the order form.

2.  Where is the order form?
     The order form will “pop-up” after you submit your online test.

3.   Will NBCOT accept these ceus?
     Yes - currently NBCOT does not require pre-approval of courses.

4.  Are your courses AOTA approved?
     NO - as long as your State Board that issues your license to practice accepts the      course(s) then AOTA approval is not required.  AOTA does not issue State licenses and therefore approval is not required unless stated otherwise in the State practice act.     

5.  Are your courses APTA approved?
     APTA does not approve courses at this time.

6.  How many ceus are the courses worth?
     It depends on your State and if you are an OT or PT.  Call us at 1.800.651.2231 or call your State Board to verify the number of hours for each course.

7.  May I download the course for my own personal use?
     Yes - there is no charge to view the materials.

8.  What is the difference in State Board approval and my State APTA approval?
     Your State Chapter of APTA may approve courses, however, it is your State Board that issues your license that determines if a course is accepted or rejected for your license renewal.

9.  Is there a correlation between my State Board and my State Chapter of APTA in
     reference to course approvals?
     NO- Even though your State Chapter of APTA may approve courses, it is your State Board that issues your license that determines if a course is accepted.

10.  Are your courses ASHA approved?
       Not at this time.

11.  What if I live in a State that requires pre-approval of courses and the course I     
       want to take is not approved?
       Individual therapists may obtain approval for courses.  Contact your State Board and        ask them to mail or fax you an application for ceu approval.

12.  Does TIS give discounts if I take more than one course?
       Yes- if you take more than one course (at the same time and online) we give discounts.  TIS does not give discounts for mail-order courses.  Please contact us at 1.800.651.2231 for details.

13.  Does TIS give “group” discounts?
       Yes - please contact us at 1.800.651.2231 for details.

14. How long does it take to receive my ceu certificate?
      Generally 3-5 business days after you submit your test, order form and course evaluation.

15.  Can TIS fax or e-mail me a copy of my certificate?
        Yes we can. 

16.  Can TIS issue a new certificate if I lose my original?
        Yes - call us at 1.800.651.2231 and we will re-issue you another original at no cost.

17.  Can TIS fax a copy of my ceu certificate to my State Board?
       Yes - call us at 1.800.651.2231 and we will fax a copy to your State Board at no cost.

18.  Does TIS offer all courses via mail order?
       Effective January 1, 2008; TIS will no longer offer courses via mail-order. We will only offer courses through the Internet at www.therapyedu.com.


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