Welcome to TIS' Pediatrics continuing education section. This informative series covers development for humans from conception along three dimensions. The growth and development of perceptual-motor skills and behavior will be examined focusing on the processes underlying the development changes. TIS Pediatric course is $89.00 and you may complete the study program at any time. Your Certificate of Completion will be awarded to you upon successful completion of your exam. Please be sure to include all information on the questionnaire in case there are any questions about your exam.

Thank you.

Table of Contents

Course Objectives

Chapter 1 - Prenatal Development and Common Genetic Disorders

Chapter 2 - The Critically Ill Newborn and Aspects of the Premature Infant

Chapter 3 - The Chronically Ill Infant and Child

Chapter 4 - The Neonate

Chapter 5 - Developmental Milestones 4-7 Months

Chapter 6 - Developmental Milestones 8-12 months

Chapter 7 - Developmental Stages Milestones 1-2 years

Chapter 8 - Cognitive, Psychosocial, and Emotional Development

Chapter 9 - Reflexes

Chapter 10 - Mobility, Locomotion and Gait Sequences

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